Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness is a practice that will help you to stay conscious and aware at present. Mindfulness will assist you to take a note of your feelings and thoughts and let you understand them to the fullest.

Benefits Of Mindfulness Meditation During Pregnancy


Mindfulness is being aware of what you do. You should pay attention to the things that you do. If you want to be mindful, you need to indulge yourself in practicing Yoga or mediation. You can practice meditation with meditation beads.

Ways To Be More Mindful


Mindfulness is the practice of being fully aware or awake to our lives at this very moment. Practicing mindfulness makes us pay full attention to whatever we are doing at any point in time and it helps us to see the things that we do on a daily basis or the things that we do in a habitual manner in a new light.

Tips For Practicing Mindful Eating


The need to have some calmness cannot be overemphasized and for those that need it in order to get rid of their stress might just consider meditation as an ideal solution to unwind themselves in this busy world.

Zen, Mindfulness, & Prayer for Calming Your Mind in A Busy Life


Check out a wellness or meditation mindfulness retreat near you to rejuvenate yourself in the 2019 New Year. I visit the Blue Cliff Monastery in Pine Bush, New York when I need a recharge. Thich Nhat Hahn’s retreat is a magical and serene place. Upon entering the property all your stress and clutter in your mind leaves.  

 Top 10 tips to maximize your visit at a mindfulness retreat:

  1. Put the technology away. If you are connecting with your device then you are missing the opportunity to connect with yourself and calm your mind.
  2. Come with no expectations except to be fully present.


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