Zen, Mindfulness, & Prayer for Calming Your Mind in A Busy Life
The need to have some calmness cannot be overemphasized and for those that need it in order to get rid of their stress might just consider meditation as an ideal solution to unwind themselves in this busy world. Too much of activities without time to relax, meditate or pray has a way of reducing your effectiveness, making it hard for you to spend time with those you cherish most and also affecting your general health. The practice of meditation is now common worldwide and one of its benefits is that it has a calming effect on the person and helps his spirit to relax. It can also help you to regain back your self-awareness so as to stay in touch with your true feelings. That is the more reason why you need to set time for zen meditation which involves sitting down to meditate and reciting some mantra or prayers. A special tool you need in such doing this is the malas which are otherwise known as meditation beads, some also referred to it as prayer beads.

In terms of getting calmness from Zen meditation, all you need is between 20 to 40 minutes of your time. You can either stand or sit quietly in a comfortable position while focusing on your breathing or another object. And for breathing, you breathe in, breathe out and pause, then you repeat the process in such a way that it is slower and deeper. Also, while this is going on, you can track what you are doing with the use of the prayer beads. And most times while all these are going, depressing or upsetting feelings, thoughts or sensations can creep into your mind, as soon as you notice this, what you need to do is to allow them to pass by, after which you can then concentrate on your breathing.

More so, you can recite prayers or mantra as simple as "I am calm and relaxed," "My life is love," "I believe in myself and my world" or even "Ommmmm." The main thing is that you need to repeatedly recite a chosen word, phrase or sentence that has the ability to calm you down. You can look for some sayings that could have a better influence on your perspective and read them to yourself over and over again till you are able to master it.

You might even think of something you heard from your friend or parent that can give you calmness. A lot of people have been using the "Serenity Prayer" for this purpose and it has been working for them.

There are enough reports of other benefits of meditation apart from its calming effect as various studies have proven its ability to lower body stress, reduce blood pressure, improve both heart and mental health, boost immune response and so on. And according to a recent study, whenever you are stressed up and you need to unwind yourself, rather than going on a vacation abroad or elsewhere, you can just try mindfulness meditation.


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