Everything You Need to Know About Meditation with Mantras

Everything You Need to Know About Meditation with Mantras

A mantra is a word, a phrase, or a syllable that is chanted during meditation. These mantras can also be repeated in your mind or whispered gently to engage your breath. All mantras have two important elements – mindful meditation and recitation/chanting.

Mantras are believed to go back thousands of years in Buddhism and Hinduism in the form of sacred recitation. The mindfulness mantra, however, is now being practiced today by both spiritual, secular, and religious people in equal measures. This mindful practice helps calm their senses and feel in control of their breathing.

Everyone has their own reason to do mantra meditation. For some it serves as a way to overcome distractions and while for others, it helps them sleep peacefully at night. No matter your reason, the one mantra meditation fulfils unanimously is the serving a deeper spiritual purpose. It helps create a divine connection between heart and mind. At the same time, it helps the mind stay focused and present in the moment.

That being said, let us now learn how to do mantra meditation successfully.

Find your mantras
Before anything else, you must ask what mantra meditation technique is most appealing to you. Do you want to learn breath control? Do you want to overcome distractions in life? Are you looking for a deep spiritual connection? Some people find that the mantras during their meditation practice can work wonders in making them feel positive and make them feel relaxed. By extension, it helps them control their blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and get rid of stress. In this case, mantra meditation is mindful practice that helps settle mind and prevents it from running all over the place.

Find a comfortable place and remember your purpose
The best way to enjoy mantra meditation is by finding yourself a comfortable seat so that you don't feel distracted due to discomfort. At the same time, look for a quiet spot with soft lighting so that you can channel all your focus on the mantra meditation, without being distracted by the disturbances. Silence your cell phone and watch to limit distractions.

After assuming the position, you must remember the purpose of this exercise. This could be anything from overcoming destructive habits to carrying out the practice for spiritual awakening.

Fix the posture and focus on your breathing
When practicing mindful meditation, you must sit in the right posture. Notice the tension or resistance in your body and then slowly let it go to relax yourself and ease your breath. Pay attention to your natural breathing. This will help settle your mind before you start mantra recitation or chanting.

Recite your mantra
Now that you know your intention and settled the mind, it is now time to recite your mantra mindfully. Don't look for mystical transformation just yet. Just be aware of the moment and stay relaxed. Just allow yourself to go with the flow. You can stay in this position as long as you like. Don't feel pressured to sit in this position for a specified period of time. Mantras give your mind an anchor to hold its attention and keep you in your meditative state for long. People who use mantra meditation often find that it comes effortlessly to them with time.

The best mantra for meditation
What if we told you that there is no “best” mantra for meditation? Every mantra is good for you if it helps you stay focused and positive. You can choose any mantra that makes you feel good and then use that meditate and reinforce the feeling of positivity in your system. You can also use affirmations such as “I am enough,” “my heart will guide me,” etc. The beauty of this meditation is that you are in full control of it and the possibilities are endless. The classic mantra for meditation used for centuries is “om mani padme hum.” This is used by ourselves whether we are meditating or calming our mind during rush hour traffic.

Choose the right guide
As is with any spiritual practice, the connect with yourself becomes much easier when you are led by a spiritual guide who understands the workings of mantra meditation. So, if you are someone who is struggling to find inner peace and have unable to use these steps to gain control over your brain, then perhaps it is time that you take help from a guide who can help you navigate the powerful world of meditation. Their main focus is to lead to self-discovery and help you develop your natural instincts, strengths, and integrity by appealing to your inner self.

No matter which form of mantra practice you eventually choose, just remember to stay focused and in sync. It is only a matter of time when all of it will come naturally to you and you will be able to reach within the deepest corners of your soul through this form of meditation.

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