Wearing a Buddhist Jewelry Will Help You Find Your ZEN

Wearing a Buddhist Jewelry Will Help You Find Your ZEN

What is ZEN?

Zen is the process of directly experiencing the ultimate reality or the absolute truth of life. Yet, it is not separate from the ordinary, the relative. However, for achieving ZEN, people practice meditation—a way of going within, knowing oneself, and realizing the ultimate truth of life.

It is said that every single thing in our life is meant to influence us in one way or another. And the best example of this is jewelry which serves the purpose of more than just embellishments! Jewelry plays an important role in religion and spirituality. These jewelry items work more than a fashion accessory and now are used as a means of portage religious messages.

Buddhist prayer beads or malas or bracelets or jewelry are a traditional tool, which was used to count the number of times a mantra is chanted, breaths while meditating, counting prostrations, or for the repetitions of a buddha's name. However, they are all similar to other forms of prayer beads used in various other religions in the world.

Traditionally Buddhist japa mala would have 108 beads, which signifies the mortal desires of mankind. Earlier, these japa malas were used for the purpose of achieving enlightenment. Today, Buddhist jewelry is worn for different purposes all linked to working with mind. Also, the material used in making Buddhist jewelry varies according to the purpose of the person to use it. Some jewelry is made from the wood of Ficus religiosa (bo or bodhi tree), or from the wood of "bodhi seeds", which come from rudraksha, some from rattan seeds, for general purposes and so on so forth.

Buddhist Jewelry stands for:

  • Symbolizes popular Buddhism ideologies and beliefs.
  • Buddhist jewelry comprises of a ring, a bracelet or a pendant. And people wear Buddhist jewelry as a robust reminder of the teachings and ideals of Buddha and Buddhism altogether.

  • These jewelry pieces are used to maintain the teachings of balance, harmony, enlightenment, and detachment in the heart and soul.
  • Mostly Buddhist jewels are made with symbolic stones and organic elements, based on their positive powers and energies.
  • Wearing Buddhist jewelry not only help implement Buddhist symbols and ideas in our life but also helps find peace, happiness, balance, coherence, and harmony in life.

If chosen correctly, Buddhist jewelry can bring plenty of positive changes in your life. Wearing Buddhist jewelry is a well-practiced traditional system, which is very effective and is able to create balance in one’s life. Wearing a Buddhist Jewelry will help you find your ZEN. ZEN which helps you have control over your mind and your life. And, you start to know yourself better and clearer.

To pan out…..

Wearing Buddhist jewelry will not only help you achieve peace of mind but also help you find your Zen, the purpose of your life, the ultimate truth or you can call it the absolute truth of your life. Just imagine how easy it is to get the life full of happiness and peace just by wearing Buddhist jewelry. People who wear Buddhist jewelry can easily harness the symbolic power of jewelry.

If you are also looking for some such jewelry then let me tell that the Buddhist jewelry is available in a wide price range and are made with a variety of materials, including crystals, wood, plastic, melamine, glass, gold, silver, copper, etc. The material is chosen mostly depends on the purpose of wearing jewelry…..

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