Use a Real Chakra Bracelet Balance Energies For a Happy Life

Use a Real Chakra Bracelet Balance Energies For a Happy Life

‘Chakra’ is a Sanskrit word which means wheel or disk. The term is used to denote energy centers present within the human body. For best mental and physical health, these chakras have to be balanced or remain open. To remove the blockages, a person can purchase a real chakra bracelet and wear it in the neck.  

7 major body chakras

Each of the chakras is present in a specific location on the spine. More details about the chakras are given here:

  • Sacral chakra- This is present slightly below the belly button and can control creative and sexual energy. It also denotes how an individual is able to relate to his or her emotions and others’ emotions.
  • Solar plexus chakra- Also known as Manipura, it is present in the stomach region. It plays a role in increasing self esteem and confidence, and also helps the person stay in control of his or her life. This and other chakras can be put into place with a real chakra bracelet.
  • Third eye chakra- This chakra is located between the eyes of a person, and plays a major role in generating a strong gut instinct. The third eye, by itself, is related to imagination and intuition.
  • Throat chakra- This chakra, known as Vishuddha, is present in the throat, just like the name suggests. It is responsible for verbal communication.
  • Crown chakra- It is present at the top of the head, and represents one’s spiritual connection to others, the Universe, and oneself. Another one of its roles is to show life’s purpose.
  • Heart chakra- Present in the center of the chest, it is entirely about being able to show compassion and love to the world
  • Root chakra- This chakra is present at the base of the spine. It gives a foundation for life, and enables one to withstand challenges by remaining grounded.

Meaning of “Chakra is unbalanced/blocked”

At times there may be excessive energy flow into a chakra, while at other times it may be very less. Both of these will have outcomes fairly different from each other. An overactive chakra will showcase qualities dominant in an individual’s life, which may have various kinds of emotional and physical affects.

Usage of throat chakra stones

There are different ways to use stones for throat chakra healing, as an example. One should be patient with them and use them in the following manner:

  1. Keep as décor- This can be done with the aim of balancing energy , by putting the stones on the side table or the main desk
  2. Wear as jewelry- The purpose can be served by wearing the stones either as a bracelet or as a necklace. In addition to helping remove the blockage, they also look good.
  3. Place over the throat chakra- Stones should be put at the base of the throat during meditation
  4. Carry- Keep the bracelet or stone in the purse or pocket. It helps to carry the positive energy while moving from one place to another.


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