Significance of 108 mala beads in our lives

Significance of 108 mala beads in our lives

Mala beads necklaces are more than just beautiful ornaments that people are wearing around the globe. They are considered as a symbolic tool used for meditation that is steeped in meaningful tradition.

108 Mala Beads

Mala beads consist of 108 beads and a guru bead that is used for prayers and meditation. It is a piece of popular yoga jewelry and an important accessory for those who are into meditation. The designers use various gemstones that re believed to be imbued with a sacred meaning.

108 number is considered sacred in the Hindu religion that is why the mala bead necklace has 108 beads in it. According to the designers, it is believed that number 1 represents god, 0 stands for humility and 8 represents timelessness.

The number 108 is also significant across different cultures. It is a form of architecture of sacred text that is central to eastern philosophy and yoga. The yoga scholar Shiva Rea also pointed out that the Rig Veda is composed of 108 chapters, there are 108 Tantras and 108 Upanishads. The text is written in Sanskrit and is comprised of 54 letters, each having both masculine and feminine forms, which again makes 108.

Why 108 mala beads are important?
Number 108 has plenty of significance in the field of religion and other disciplines.

Ayurveda and other religions
According to Ayurveda, there are 108 sacred places in our body that identify the intersections of consciousness and matter. The various points can awaken and align with the energy when manipulated. As per Vedic tradition, the number 108 denotes the wholeness of the universe. The number one represents solar masculinity, zero represents the lunar femininity and the number eight represents the infinite nature. The mala beads necklace is used by different religions such as Hindu, Buddhist, and Sikhs.

Mathematics and astronomy
The number 108 is favored in the field of mathematics because of its infinite division potentials and countless patterns. You can divide the number by the total of its parts and most of the proper divisors, making it a perfect number.

The number 108 also has great significance in the field of astronomy as well. The diameter of the sun is 108 times that of the earth’s diameter. The distance between the earth and the sun is about 108 times the diameter of the sun. The same relationship also exists between the earth and the moon.

What is the significance of the gemstones?
Mala beads are made using various gemstones. Each gemstone has a different property, meaning, and energy. Some designers used pearls, along with semi-precious stones that empower the strand with specific emphasis.

A person who wears the 108 mala beads necklace that is made of gemstones makes the mala what he wants it to be. It is made possible by engaging the energy of the stones and the pearls with hopes, prayers, and dreams.

The 108 mythology in mala beads

  • Chakras: It is believed that there are 108 energy lines in our body that connect to the heart, with one path believed to be the way to self-realization.
  • Mantras: The mala beads are also used for chanting mantras. It is believed that you have completed your mantras once you have reached 100. The 8 beads allow the errors made during the chanting of the mantras.
  • Astrology: There are 12 constellation and 9 arc segments. There are also 12 houses and 9 plants. When 12 is multiplied by 9, the number 108 is the answer.
  • Time: It is said that humans have 108 feelings. Out of 108 feelings, 36 are related to the past, 36 to the present and 36 to the future.

Use of Mala beads for meditation
Anyone can use the mala beads for meditation. By using these simple steps, even the beginner can get used to this practice:

  1. Select a quiet and comfortable spot, sit comfortably with spine in straight position. Keep your eyes closed and take a deep breath. By doing so, you will align your center with your intention.
  2. Chant mantras either silently or aloud with your eyes closed.
  3. Use your right hand to hold the mala beads. Make sure to drape the mala between your middle finger and index finger. Starting from the guru bead, start counting each bead using your thumb while reciting your mantra. You will be able to recite your mantras 108 times until you reach the guru bead.
  4. You may continue your meditation even you reach the guru bead. But make sure you start the process reverse instead of passing through the guru bead.
  5. Because of high significance, you can find a lot of people using the mala beads while reciting the mantras. You can observe a person quietly.
  6. And most of all, wearing a mala bead necklace symbolizes willingness to change and become a person.


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