Meditation with Malabeads: An Art of Finding Yourself

Meditation with Malabeads: An Art of Finding Yourself

Meditation with Malabeads has been a common practice since ancient times. The practice was followed traditionally by sages, now once again it has started to gain popularity as many people are opting for the method as it is said to provide more benefits than that of regular meditation practice.

When we do meditation on malabeads we at the same time chant mantra, hence mediation on malabeads is basically a mantra meditation, which is said to be powerful tool to achieve inner peace. There are various types of beads or malas available, such as Beaded Bracelets, Buddhist Prayer Beads, 108 Bead Malas. Mostly a mala will have 108 beads and one guru bead in it, and a round is said to be complete upon chanting mantra on all 108 beads.

Many designers are making meditation mala or necklaces and bracelets, using gemstones with potent energies and sacred meanings to them to infuse meditation practice.

Significance of 108 Beads Japa Malas’

There are numerous theories behind the significance of the 108 beads in a japa mala. 108 is considered a sacred number in Hinduism. It is said that the number 1 in 108 beads stands for God, the universe or your highest self, whereas, 0 stands for emptiness and humility in spiritual practice, and 8 stands for infinity and timelessness.

Practices meditation on japa mala is considered to be the most powerful form of meditation, as, the mala also help one to get positive energies while he/she meditates on it. Meditation is not just a process of sitting in one place without talking, in fact it is art of knowing oneself, an art to go deep within. One can master this art by practicing meditation on japa mala.

Often when you sit for a normal meditation, you may get distracted easily because all the negative emotions in subconscious mind will come on surface and you will start to dwell in those emotions or in your past. Meditation on japa mala, on the other hand promotes concentration and help you avoid any kind of distraction because all your focus will be on japa or chanting mantra. Hence, meditation on japa mala is considered the best form of meditation and the fastest form to achieve calm and peaceful mind.

The Significance of Various Gemstones

These days many gem stones such as crystals, pearls etc are being used in meditation malas or beads or prayer beads. These gemstone is said to have different properties, energies, and meaning to them, which help meditator to achieve faster results. Also, it is said that gradually the mala becomes what the wearer wants it to be. As, they engage the energy of the gemstones, with their prayers, their hopes, and their dreams.

How to Meditate on Japa Mala Beads

Well, the process is very simple there is no rocket science to it. But, it is important that while you meditate on mala all your focus is on mala and you are not doing it for the sake of doing. Here are the steps to follow to meditate on japa mala:

  1. Choose a clean spot especially the one where there is no outside sound, so that you do not get disturbed. Basically it has to be a silent place, it can be your room or a park but silence should be there.

  2. Once you have got the spot, sit comfortably with your spine straight and your eyes closed.

  3. Now, take a few deep breaths and get aligned with yourself and with your surrounding.

  4. Make sure you hold your mala in the right hand only between your middle and index fingers. You will use your thumb to count and move your mala.

  5. Start chanting your mantra on your meditation bead. It is absolutely your wish how do you want to chant them in your mind or loudly.

  6. Once finished your round if you want to continue another round or many other rounds, the only precautionary measure you have to take is never travel another round in continuation. Upon reaching the guru bead turn it over and start the round once again.
Happy Meditation……


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