Meditation Guide With Mala Beads For Beginners

Everyone in the world is getting wonderful benefits through meditation. Meditation benefits both your mind and soul. It teaches everyone to control one’s thoughts and renders the ability to calm down one’s negative thoughts. You can discover the purpose of your life with the assistance of the meditation. You can stay mentally and physically energetic by practicing meditation. With no doubts, meditation has splendid advantages for everyone that intends to practice it daily.

Meditation is reckoned as a traditional practice of keeping yourself calm and focusing on your objective. You might have seen that gurus do meditation with mala beads. Before some years, gurus were only using the mala beads when doing meditation, but now, the vogue has been changed. At present, everyone would like to use the mala beads as their meditation tool. The malas are the strands of 108 beads plus a guru bead. With these 108 beads, you can easily repeat your mantras without counting 108 times.

Not all people will do longer meditation. There are people that would like to take part in shorter meditation. The meditation beads can be designed with 21 or 27 beads for short-period meditation. The malas will be made of gemstones that match the purpose of your practice. These malas can be otherwise called as rudraksha beads or buddhist prayer beads.

Gurus have been using these prayer beads since from Hinduism and Buddhism periods. Using the mala beads is simple and easy, but still, the beginners may not know how to use the buddhist meditation beads effectively.

To help the beginners with respect to using the prayer beads, I have explained a few points below.

  • First of all, you need to determine what you are doing meditation for and choose your mantra or affirmation accordingly.
  • Next, you need to spot out a comfortable place and sit in a cross-legged position.
  • You have to close your eyes and pay attention to the depth and speed of your breath.
  • Now, begin to take a deep breath and bring your focus onto your affirmation or mantra.
  • When you begin to say your mantra or affirmation, you need to hold onto the first mala of your beads with either your ring or middle finger of your right hand.
  • Hold on your thumb finger on the guru bead and keep telling your mantra.
  • For every successful mantra, you have to place your middle or ring finger onto next mala bead until you reach a count of 21 or 27 or 108.
  • If you want to recite your mantras for another 108 times, then you can continue to do that with the malas.

This is how you have to use the meditation beads for doing meditation.

Various Types of Malas Beads to Choose From

You can come across different types and styles of mala beads to select from. You need to pay a visit to the right and a complete prayer bead store to find what you want. Malas are designed with round shaped beads. The size of the beads will be of 8 to 10mm. The traditional malas are designed with yak bone, rudraksha beads, bodhi seeds, lotus seed beads and wood.

Healing malas are designed with gemstones. You can find healing malas in different colors, energies and properties. Likewise, you can find many mala beads. Just you need to choose the best malas for you. You have to choose the beautiful malas as per your intention of meditation practice.


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