Significance of Prayer Beads And How To Use Them For Meditation

Yoga has become a way of living; people are following yogic tradition to lead a peaceful and healthy lifestyle. There are plenty of benefits of yoga. From rejuvenating your physical and mental being to enhance your lifestyle, yoga has contributed in plenty of ways. From tattoos to accessories, people love to express their yogic way of living through different ways. If you have been practicing yoga lately, you might know the term yogic jewelry or accessories. There are several yogic pieces of jewelry that are beyond just accessories. They comprise of some significance that makes them different from one another.

Malas or prayer beads are one of the significant pieces of jewelry that are used for meditation and prayer. These are the new trend among wearable yoga. Designers and yoga experts have been continuously bringing innovations in these prayers beads to make them more efficient for the general public. It is essential to understand how to use prayer beads in order to make the most of these yoga wearables.

Significance of Mala Prayer Beads
These prayer beads are beyond just a fashion accessory; they hold great spiritual significance. It is often said that these prayer beads lead to an abundance of yogic power while meditation and praying. The importance of prayer beads dates back to ancient times when sages used to use these malas to meditate and chant mantras. Traditionally, 108 beads malas were popular for mantra chanting or reciting prayers. Mantras are a set of words spoken out loud or silently in order to transport to a spiritual world. Prayer beads were initially restricted to a specific culture or religion. Today, they are widely used by people from all regions for meditational purposes.

Each mala or prayer bead has a significant meaning and characteristics. They are made with different gems and stones comprising of different energies, properties, and meaning. For instance, wood is the most commonly used beads in the mala. The spiritual power you receive or channel depends on the type of beads you are using. Every mala has a different property. Hence, it is essential to find a distinctive mala for your needs. For instance, some prayer beads are ideally used for healing, while others are primarily used to fulfill your desires. Purchasing a mala prayer bead will deepen your practice. You can also seek assistance from a yoga or mindfulness expert to find the ideal mala beads for yourself.

How To Use Mala Prayer Beads?
Once you have selected the ideal prayer beads for yourself, its necessary to learn the way of using it for your benefit. It is essential to learn how to use these prayer beads to their fullest potential.

The meditational purpose is the frequent use of these mala beads. It takes time to get used to the practice, but with practice, you can gradually get the hang of it. Take a look at steps to use prayers beads while meditating.

  • Before starting the meditation, you need a quiet and comfortable spot where you can meditate peacefully.
  • It would be best if you kept your spine straight and eyes closed in order to start meditating.
  • Before starting take, a few deep breathes and inhale as much as air possible to fill your lungs and align yourself. Inhale and exhale a few times in a slow calm rate.
  • You can also use a mantra for chanting or thinking while mediating. In case you don’t have any, you can meditate silently focusing on your breath.
  • Hold the mala in the right hand between the middle and index finger. The top bead is called the guru bead from where you need to start using your thumb.
  • Use your thumb to count the beads and gradually pull them downwards as you recite your mantra. You can do this 108 times chanting your mantra or as directed by your yoga or mindfulness expert.
  • You can continue this practice until you get used to it and discover spiritual elation and calm.

The Bottom Line
It was not long ago when yoga wearables came into existence. People love to wear jewelry and accessories related to yoga. But there are plenty of wearables that hold a significant prominence in spiritual elevation. Prayer beads or mala are one such imperative yoga wearable that is quite popular among yoga enthusiasts. They are not just mere wearables but also are used for meditation and praying purposes.

Every prayer bead has a different use and properties. Hence, it is essential to choose your mala beads to make the most of it. Another critical thing to consider while acquiring prayer beads is learning to use them. The above mentioned was detailed information regarding using prayer beads for meditation. So, next time when you get fascinated by these prayers, you know how to use them for your benefit.

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