How to Practice Mindfulness During Holidays

The holidays will leave you stressed out when you are in the middle of partying with friends and family and taking on more work than you normally do. Try out these mindfulness tactics and remain calm and well-poised in your holidays this year.

Mindfulness meditation teaches you to live every moment by the second and learn to take all the moments of joy or sadness that life is throwing at you in a positive and empathetic way. Mindfulness can alleviate stress and reduce overall anxiety.

Do not be a casual bystander:

It is easy to mentally block yourself out from any conversation during any get-together or dinner but learn to be active and practice active listening. Learn to be more attentive during these conversations and you will notice the difference immediately. Just notice how much more of the conversation you will grasp and how it becomes all the more interesting to belong to the group rather than only being there physically and mentally elsewhere.

Active listening works best to your advantage when you turn down the music, turn off the TV and remove distractions of any kind. Be party to conversations and acknowledge the people to speak by a nod and gesture of being mentally present without having lost track of the conversation.

Be an active listener:

Be conversant with people around you and enquire how their holidays are faring and be receptive to their open talks centring around the holiday tempo. Holidays can bring in diverse emotions with some experiencing loss and grief and loneliness and you too could be missing your loved ones so be communicable and reach out to those individuals.

Improve well-being:

It is acceptable to reign in old memories and thoughts as long as they don’t trample on your wishes and dreams. Especially when your mother-in-law is bent upon opening past wounds and making you fall in a repetitive cycle. Do not let your emotions languish. Remain curious to how others are spending the holidays and imbibe certain positive connections while imparting a few of yours without letting boredom creep in.

Holidays mean gifting and being gifted. There are plenty of ways to gift and be assured that the gift you give is to the liking of the recipient and be certain of one thing is, if there are any other means of imparting happiness to the individual whether by spending quality time with him or her and ending up doing something lovely for her instead.

Holiday at your free will:

Be sure to heed your bodily signs by not rushing in with this agenda of making the party come alive like nothing else but do take care of your body by noting there is no burnout in trying to please everybody. Planning what everybody wants is not only the concern but your body could be needing some nourishment which you should not ignore.

Be sympathetic upon yourself:

Pamper yourself and recharging your batteries is very essential to get a load of problems form your chest. Taking care of yourself when with others helps you to be more calm and attentive and you could find yourself in a better position to give in keeping with the holiday spirit.


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