How To Meditate With Your New Mala?

Life responsibilities and random thoughts can distract us and make it difficult to meditate the right way. That makes it imperative for anyone who wants to practice meditation on a regular basis to find a way or ways to prevent or stop their mind from wandering while meditating. Mala beads are the tool anyone who practices meditation needs to focus their attention while meditating.

Malas, are a strand of 18, 27, 54, or 108 beads. The 108 mala beads are the most common Mala and they are most suitable for long meditations. Mala beads are used for keeping count while chanting, counting, or repeating mantras (Sanskrit prayers) in sets of 108 repetitions.

People who just purchased their first mala must learn how to use it before they start meditating with it. According to our Life Couch, rolling the beads through your fingers is a physical way to direct your attention. It is a gentle reminder every few seconds to refocus.

Mala Composition
Before you start meditating with your new mala, it is quite important that you know the parts of your mala and the meanings attributed to them.

a) The 108 beads
The 108 mala is the most common mala. The number 108 is a sacred number in Hinduism and renowned Vedic mathematicians saw it as a number representing the ‘wholeness of existence.’

b) The marker beads
The marker beads are placed at an interval of 27. They are different from the other beads in size and color. They help you stay focused during your meditation.

c) The thread
The thread keeps the beads together. It symbolizes the bond between everything in the universe.

d) The Guru
The Guru symbolizes our Teacher or God. It is the part of your mala bead where you stop counting and move in the other direction. It is disrespectful to cross over the Guru bead

e) The Knots
They separate the beads and they ensure the beads are not lost in the event of a breakage.

f) The Tassel
The tassel binds the mala strands. It symbolizes our connection to the universe.

Here is how to meditate with a new mala:

  1. With the tassel facing you, start turning the beads with your thumb from the right side of the Guru.

  2. Keep your index finger away from the beads.

  3. Slowly move to the next bead and keep going.

  4. On each bead, take a deep breath before you move to the next bead.

Once, you master the above steps, you can add your Mantra.

  1. Take a deep breath on each bead and silently say your mantra to yourself.

  2. Inhale your mantra and exhale it on each bead.

  3. When you reach the guru bead, pause and sit in reflection.

  4. If you wish to do another round of mantras, turn the mala around and count in the other direction. Do not skip over the guru bead.

Congrats! Now you can meditate anytime you want with your new guru bead.


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