How to Activate Your Chakras Through Mediation?

There are different types of meditations and one such meditation is the chakra meditation. We all know our body has totally 7 chakras. The Buddhist and Hindus have a vast faith in Chakras. They believe chakras are the pools of energy, which activates the psychological qualities of our body. All seven chakras of a body will contribute to the well-being and goodness of humans. If you want to be healthy and active, you have to open and balance your chakras. Some chakras would not open just like that and some other chakras may remain overactive or closed.

The Seven Chakras

  • The Muladhara – Root chakra
  • The Sahasrara – Crown chakra
  • The Svadhisthana  Sacral chakra
  • The Anahata Heart chakra
  • The Manipura – Solar plexus chakra
  • The Ajna – Third eye chakra
  • The Visuddhi – Throat chakra


You can activate these 7 chakras through meditation with malas.

Steps to Activate the Chakras

  • Know your Chakras

    The first step to activate your chakras is to know them completely. All seven chakras have different characteristics and qualities. If you want to be beneficial through all the chakras, then you should know them. Why you are asked to know the chakras is, opening the root chakra will be different from opening the third eye chakra or heart chakra. If you know the chakras completely, you would come to know how to activate those.

  • Address the Most Difficult Chakra

    In the second step, you should address which chakra you have to give more attention to. All seven chakras are connected to each other. So, even if one chakra is overactive or closed or imbalanced or the energy does not flow well through it, the nearest chakras and the entire system may be affected. For addressing the difficult chakra or the chakra, which you want to work on first, you can take the chakra test.

    The chakra test will keep you informed about the areas to focus on. If you have pains at any area of your body, you should determine whether or not the body pain is caused due to the effect of chakra near to that area. You should always activate one or two chakras first rather than activating all the chakras at a time.

  • Activate the Energy to Open your Chakra

    You need to keep your chakras at balance state when you are trying to open it or activate it. To activate the chakras in your body, you should practice the following,

    • Breathing exercises

    • Healing session to keep your chakras balanced

    • Physical exercises focused on the location of chakras in the body

    • Self-healing such as massage, chakra connection technique and more

    • Meditation on a particular chakra

    • Self-investigation to address the emotional and psychological blockage components

When you are all set to activate your chakras, you need to be more focused on balancing your chakras. You should not try to activate the chakras when you are not able to get the balance. Spend some quality time at rest and take good care of yourself to get the balance.


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