Communication, Love & Mindfulness

Communication, Love & Mindfulness

Communication, love, and mindfulness are the three most important aspects of one’s life. If these three are balanced then happiness, compassion, peace, become our very nature.

Our emotions play an important role in our lives. Emotions can be negative and positive. One can experience any type of emotion based on his/her situations, life events, experiences, etc. Negative emotions make one negative, short-tempered, sad, distressed, depressed and so on so forth. However, having negative emotions doesn’t make anyone a bad person.

But, it is crucial that there is a balance of emotions in life. Imbalanced emotions create chaos in one’s life. When we say the balance of emotions it doesn’t at all mean having only happy emotions because practically it is not possible. Balance of emotions is when a person is not affected by any good or bad situation in his or her life. He/she is aware of the situation (bad or good) and know that everything in life is temporary and it too shall pass.

Well, you must be thinking why I am talking about emotions when the topic says communication, love, and mindfulness. Let me tell you that all three get immediately affected the moment your emotions are hurt due to any reason. The first thing which gets affected by negative emotions is the tone, the way one communicates, and gradually love and other things also vanish leading to more negativity. Therefore, for better communication, strong love and mindfulness in your life you need to have balanced emotions.

Mindfulness significantly improves our mental and physical health, which in turn improves the way we communicate and augment love and compassion in one’s life. Mindfulness teaches one to be aware of his/her feelings and situations.

Incorporating mindfulness in life will lead you to a win-win situation, where you will have a peaceful life, you will love more and communicate better. These three not only enhance total well-being but also improves interpersonal relationships. Mindfulness is a skill that anyone can acquire.

Mindfulness increases our awareness about our situation and experiences and with it, we can develop abilities to deal with our lives positively, without reacting to adversities, we learn to give a response and not reactions. All these together enhances love and communication in life which in turn improves our relationship with ourselves and with the world, we deal with. Enhancing these abilities within ourselves can lead to better outcomes in our relationships and life.

Just imagine a situation where you had a fight with your partner and you started blurting out all your anger and distress. And in that heated moment, none of you is ready to listen to anything. It happened because you are not mindful, you have no control over your emotions and the negative emotion such as anger is prominent. It happens when you lose your mind in anger everything seems wrong. Now, imagine one more situation, where your partner broke a fight with you, but you are aware of the situation and instead of blabbering, you are observing your thoughts and emotions that are now arising at the moment without getting overwhelmed. It is because you are mindful, you are aware of the moment.

In situation two, at the time of heated argument instead of reacting, you chose to observe and gave yourself and your partner space to think over the matter. Of course, when you will not react your partner will also not be able to continue the fight for long. This is how you saved yourself from the falling trap of rage, anger, distress, hatred, etc., and managed to build a strong relationship with your partner by understanding the situation.

Only when you are mindful, you are in a situation to communicate with your partner about the issue and handle the situation with all your love and compassion. If you are mindful maintaining everything else become easy. Mindfulness allows people to react in a more constructive manner. They take time to reflect, to notice the feelings and to consciously choose how to deal with the situation.

Mindfulness frees people to take actions in their own self-interest and to not cause any hurt to others. Once people are able to center themselves and calmed down, they can communicate clearly and from their heart.

The more mindful we become a greater sense of inner peace we achieve, which is beneficial to us and the world around us, especially the people we love. Mindfulness helps us alleviate the unhealthy levels of stress and tension that we usually carry with us in our daily lives. Moreover, we gain control over our thoughts, thereby controlling our actions.


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