Boost your energy with meditation and calm

Everyone seems either angry, depressed or completely not happy. Life is full of ups and downs but you can keep your serenity and energy with a few easy daily steps.

1. Wake up and find something to be grateful for.

When you wake up in the morning mindfully find three things you are thankful for. If you had a crappy week then be thankful you have oxygen to breathe and the sun didn't explode. 

2. Find the good in each day.

Tackling a difficult job or family circumstances can puke negativity to everyone around us. Watch for the good in each day. It is there if you look. Did someone hold the door open for you at the store? Was it sunny and no rain got you wet? Did the jerk off co-worker have the day off today or in a meeting away from you?

3. Find the good in the bad.

The guy texting cut you off and you swerved to miss him  - rather than be angry be grateful that you missed the accident. If you broke your leg then maybe be thankful that you still have a leg. If you lost your leg then be thankful you have an arm. 

Once, when I thought times were so hard that it was like a train coming at me a friend shared a different perspective. Is it possible in the midst of struggle that we are blinded by the light of our higher power's glorious plan for us. The plan is beyond anything we could ever imagine. 

4. Think back to your hardest struggles and think if something positive came from it. 

5. Find energy today - for the next two weeks write down 5 things you are grateful for and see if you feel better. 


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