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Benefits of Burning Incense During Meditation

Benefits of Burning Incense During Meditation
Incense, stick or cone, has been helping mankind for centuries. People from around the world use incense for various different reasons.

Like in India, incense sticks and cones are burnt for religious practices, to perform yoga or to meditate, and even to invite positive vibes. Or like in Japan, for religious & aesthetic purposes.

Incense have been in use for meditation too, as it poses great benefits to the individual. In fact, in Tibet, before sitting down to meditate, the monks take their time to burn candles and then incense sticks with the flame of candles.

This article is for those people who are seeking a way to relax their mind & soul through the practice of meditation. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of burning incense during meditation.

Relaxes Mind
Have you ever wondered why people find themselves stuck in the race of life? The simple answer is because they do not know how to relax their mind & inhibit stress.

To obtain peace of mind, many people turn to meditation. But, even during meditation many people can’t help but get lost in their thoughts.

Meditation requires you to relax your mind & create an empty space in your mind. To achieve it, burning incense can come handy.

Incense are made by blending essential oils & herbs and forming cones or making the paste and sticking it on thin bamboo sticks.

While burning, the fragrance of these herbs & oils soothes the mind & induce a relaxing state. And relaxing one’s mind is important to meditate properly.

Improves Focus
With relaxing your mind, it is also important that the flow of random thoughts is stopped. And to achieve it, focusing your mind is imperative.

Before you sit down to meditate, burn your incense stick or cone so that your mind can get accustomed to its aroma. The fragrance of the incense will help you focus more rather than getting random thoughts.

This is the reason why monks burn incense sticks & cones before they sit down to meditate.

Enhances the Mood
After returning to your room from a heated argument with someone, your mind may go back in the past, to the argument, and come up with good comebacks instead of focusing on tasks at hand. Sounds familiar?

Well, you are not alone. People in a grumpy mood are prone to wander-off in thoughts instead of staying focused.

And sitting down to meditate in this mood may not provide the best results to some people, especially beginners to meditation. But worry not, you can enhance your mood with the exotic fragrance of burning incense.

Different incense produces different results, like burning rose or lavender incense sticks can uplift your mood & increases your desire. By up-lifting your mood, you can focus more during meditation & as a result, achieve peace of mind.

Burning incense lets the essential oils & herbs to spread positivity and improve the experience of meditation, through their fragrance. Just remember, always burn incense before you sit down to meditate otherwise, your mind will get distracted with the fragrance if you burn it during meditation.


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