5 Buddhist Jewelry For Your Morning Yoga

There are all types of jewelry that adorn your body but there are some gemstones with divine powers used during meditation or for a specific kind of meditation called Japa or Chant. The beads I am dwelling on are called Mala Beads and were created 3000 years ago. These beads come in groups of 108 bead malas with one larger bead signifying your positive intentions, thoughts, desires, dreams and wishes. You can wear the guru bead around your neck or hold it in your palm to feel the vibrations and energy to remind you of the journey you are embarking upon. The beautiful and charming prayer beads used for Yoga purposes, of which five are:

1. Kundalini Yoga Prayer Beads:

They are created with Kadamwood dots, amazonite, hematite, and abalone shell, with a hand-made natural cotton decoration.

This is the absolute most dominant profoundly recuperating mala we offer. Roused by Kundalini Yoga and Dzogchen custom. This is the absolute most dominant profoundly recuperating mala we offer. Motivated by Kundalini Yoga and Dzogchen convention, the mala is a defensive charm. Our Kundalini Yoga Mala comes total with a corresponding brocaded pocket.


Sandalwood (Santalum collection) is an extremely fragrant, fine-grained yellow wood from India. Cherished for quite a long time, this assortment is indigenous to southern India, and leaves Mysore. It is now being offered as daintily scented Kadam Sandalwood which is presently the Eco-accommodating option and utilized all through India to make upright painstaking work.


Sandalwood: Protective and advances a profound mindfulness when worn.

Amazonite: Assists recuperation from emotional trauma. It can impart confidence and self-esteem, and improve one's capacity to express love. Amazonite causes joy to prosper in marriage.

Hematite: Clears and centers the psyche, improves memory, and helps in freshness of thought. It distances from quiet feelings and mental worry to take into account objective idea and basic leadership.

Abalone Shell: Evokes sentiments of harmony, excellence, sympathy, and love. Reinforces the ability to confront extreme intense subject matters. Abalone shell calms the nerves. Opens mystic and instinctive channels.

2. Unakite Jasper:

Jasper is gotten from the Greek for "spotted stone", and is a type of microcrystalline quartz. The finely grained, thick jasper contains up to 20% remote materials that decide its shading, streak, and appearance. Jasper was valued for its excellence and enchanted properties since old occasions, and is referenced in the Bible, utilized on the Great Wall of Jerusalem, and was prized all through old Greece.


Unakite Jasper: Balances physical self and emotions. Jasper: Grounds mental energies, assists with taking care of life's everyday subtleties, and advances recuperating. Jasper is like folklore and elevates great wellbeing, mental fortitude and astuteness to become a protective charm.

3. Amethyst Prayer Beads:


Amethyst is the most valuable mineral found belonging to the quartz family of minerals and owes its violet-purple color to iron and aluminum impurities. Amethyst is hailed as an emblem of power. Amethyst is one of the official birthstone for those born in February.

Amethyst enables spiritual upliftment and effective communication. It stimulates the mind and emotions. It provides a deep meditative state by erasing distractions.

4. Green Jasper Mala Beads:

The green jasper mala beads contains upto 20% foreign materials that determines its color, streak and appearance.


Green Jasper strengthens one’s earthly connection and strengthens the ties with nature and the natural world. It imparts wisdom and healthy choices in one’s diet.

5. Heart Opening Mala:

Quartz is said to be the second most common mineral on earth making up 12% of the earth’s crust.


Rose Quartz said to be stone possessing unconditional love and this crystal opens the heart chakra. Rose Quartz helps balance and express emotions and is wonderfully soothing.

By sporting one of the 5 gemstones that will uplift your emotions during a session of yoga in the morning, you can be sure that these prayer beads will give you all the strength and stamina to remain calm and rejuvenated.


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