Wrist Mala Bead Bracelets


The 7 Chakras

Yogic Tradition states that there are Seven Chakras inside the human body, each of which is related to one of the major organs of the body. For the flow of energy within the body and the mind, it is helpful that these chakras are open and clear. More often than not negative thoughts, a stagnant lifestyle, poor diet, stress, etc. can block these chakras, leading to poor mental, emotional and physical health.

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Meditation Bracelets Online

Men's spiritual bracelets help maintain the unrestricted flow of energy through the 7 chakras. Wondering how so? Well, because the energy beads comprise seven colors each forming a distinct connection with a chakra. At www.malabeads.com, we understand the significance of these mala bracelets for prayer and positive energy, and therefore offer a wide selection for you to choose from!

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