How To Care For Your Mala


Authentic Buddhist meditation prayer mala beads, by their very nature, are extremely delicate instruments. However, with proper care, maintenance, and upkeep, mala beads can last for an exceptionally long time. Care must be taken with how these beads are maintained, and incorrect cleaning or repair can potentially damage your mala beads beyond repair. Fear not though, as the correct methods of caring for mala beads is actually pretty simple. By providing constant and thorough maintenance, your seemingly delicate and fragile mala beads bracelet can last for many, many years.


One of the most often overlooked aspects of maintaining a namaste jewelry such as mala and prayer beads is the care that must be taken when using and wearing the bracelets. While mala beads are much harder than their initial appearance would suggest, there are still some precautions which must be taken during their use.

Most importantly, you should realize that the woods which authentic mala beads are made from will absorb liquids. This means they should not be worn during extensive exercise, in the shower or bath, or while swimming. They should also be kept away from chemicals, such as perfumes, makeups, and deodorants. It is also important to prevent them from being snagged by accident. This means they shouldn’t be worn while sleeping or in rugged environments, such as when hiking or camping, to prolong their life.

Occasionally, even the most careful of owners will have an accident breaking mala beads. Many places that have mala beads for sale will also carry mala bead repair kits. These kits will generally contain all the supplies needed to preform simple maintenance and repairs on your mala beads, such as restringing the beads or replacing the tassel. If you know how to make mala beads already, this should be a straightforward procedure. Otherwise, you may attempt the repairs yourself, however, if the mala beads hold an extraordinarily special meaning, it may be best to find a professional to make these repairs.


In a similar vein to how to wear mala beads, their storage is likewise important. When not wearing your beads, they should be kept in a safe place, away from liquids that may spill or in places where they may be snagged or broken. Ideally, mala beads should be additionally stored in a soft satchel or case, such as other jewelry. This will prevent them from being scratched or marred during storage.


The standard mala beads for sale will generally be made of wood. This means that they will naturally become a darker shade over the course of their lifetime. Occasionally, but not too often, these beads will need to be thoroughly cleaned. To do this, first place the beads fully submerged in a warm bowl of water and leave them to soak overnight. Afterwards, take the mala beads, and very softly scrub the surface of the beads with a soft cloth or brush. Make sure the brush is soft enough not to scratch the mala beads. When done, leave them out for at least 24 hours, so that they may dry fully.

How to clean the gemstone crystals

Cleaning gemstone mala beads is slightly different, but just as simple of a process, as cleaning wooden mala. The gemstone or lapis mala should, just as with wooden mala, be allowed to soak in a bowl of warm water. However, these types of mala beads only need to soak about 10 minutes before being removed. Afterwards, the mala beads should be gently wiped clean with a soft cloth. Using a separate dry, soft cloth, the gemstone mala beads should be carefully wiped completely dry.

Another method is to soak the gemstone mala in a bowl of uncooked rice, no water, for a few hours in the sunlight or moonlight. Sunlight is good to energize and clear any negative energy from your mala beads. Moonlight is excellent for emotional and spiritual clearing of your mala beads. Afterwards, the mala beads should be gently wiped clean with a soft damp cloth. Using a separate dry, soft cloth, the gemstone mala beads should be carefully wiped completely dry.

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