How To Choose Your Mala


Mala beads have been used for meditation for centuries to hold your focus and to count while reciting mantras. Choosing mala mantras is sometimes confusing. Mala beads help with the practice of Japa, which is a Sanskrit term that means repetition of a mantra. The word or phrase itself is spoken softly, and sometimes it’s spoken only in the mind.

But there is no universally specific use for Mala beads. They can mean something different for each person. While some may use to as a meditation tool, others may use it to remember an intention, or just as a piece they draw inspiration and positivity from throughout the day.

How to use Mala beads?

Mala beads for anxiety and stress are popular among people belong to various age groups. You may see beautiful mala beads adorning the wrists and beads of yogis. These Malas hold a very special significance to the bearer depending on where they got it, under what circumstances, why they chose the stones their malas are made of. Every bearer feels an energy connection to their mala which creates resonance between the two.

How many beads each mala bracelet or necklace has can vary, some may have 9 or 27, but most popular ones have 108. Every mala has a “guru bead” which is one bead that’s larger than the rest. This is used as a place marker for if you were using the mala bracelet for meditation or chanting.

When used for chanting, these malas keep the count for you. So instead of counting your mantras while saying them, you can instead focus on its meaning while using the beads to keep the count. How to wear mala beads depend on the significance of mala beads meaning by material.

How to pick your Mala beads

There are number of sites where you can see mala beads for sale. There is no right or wrong way to choose a mala bead, and some would say that your mala chooses you. But with so many colors, designs and gemstones available, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start, but if all else fails, remember to just let go and let your intuition, connection and energy guide you.

Here are 5 things that can help you find your Mala soulmate:

Intuition- Your inner voice, the gut feeling, can be a powerful one. When browsing through an assortment of malas, if one stands out and catches your eye, focus your attention on it. Listen to it and feel it. Ask yourself two questions- which is the mala bead you can’t get out of your mind? And which one drew your attention the most?

Intention- Before choosing a mala bead, first decide on what you want to manifest. Maybe you are looking to add more peace and tranquility to your life, or you are trying to attract your soul mate, or abundance.

Many mala beads come with gemstones. Crystals, seeds and other sacred materials that hold energy and vibration that can help you manifest your desires.

Here is a quick overview of what a few of the popular stone’s powers are:

  • Agate- Self Confidence and Harmony
  • Amethyst- Peace, stability and calm
  • Onyx- Protection and connection
  • Lapis Lazuli- Truth and enlightenment
  • Clear Quartz- Energy and Clarity
  • Labradorite- Protection and Magic
  • Rhodonite- Ying & Yang; Forgiveness
  • Smokey Quartz- Grounding and Stabilizing
  • Turquoise- Wisdom and Truth
  • Moonstone- Intuition and dreams
  • Amazonite- Calmness
  • White Jade- Success


How they look matters too, after all, we are easily drawn towards our eyes consider gorgeous. Also, this is something that you will be adorning frequently, so it has to be something you think is beautiful and uplifting. Mala beads meaning by color and shape varies too. Each of them is sacred. So be aware of that when selecting the right mala.


One of the major factors you will want to consider when selecting your mala beads is authenticity. Most authentic malas have knots in between the beads to make counting them easier. The ones that are made to be worn around the wrist, however, normally do not have these knots.


With all of the mala beads available in the market, it’s important to look for ones that are high quality. You should choose mala beads that are made with the best materials. You also want beads that are smooth, durable, long-lasting, and easy to count.

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