How To Choose Mantra For Your Mala


Mantras are a powerful tool for meditation and has amazing health benefits too. This ancient practice inspires you to repeat a chant over and over again, which frees your mind from clutter and calms your nervous and agitated body and mind.

The word, “Mantra” can be broken down into Man and Tra, where “Man” stands for mind and “Tra” stands for tool, i.e., a tool for the mind. Mantra is essentially a sound vibration while you focus all your attention, intention and energy on, and meditating with it overtime, the Mantra’s vibration soaks deeper and deeper inside your mind from where you can feel its power, presence and force working inside you.

How to use a mantra

To get to that state where Mantra becomes a part of your consciousness and your deeper state of awareness, you have to consistently meditate with it. Regardless of which Mantra you choose, it can take months or years to have it become a living energy within your consciousness.

When you repeat your mantra, the friction of the syllables in your consciousness and your ability to bring your mind focus back to that mantra helps create an internal, mindful energy. The attention you give to the sound and resonance of a mantra as you repeat it will eventually release the energy inside that mantra to where it stops being just words and becomes a compelling energy living inside you.

Mantra’s can be a very difficult thing to master, and may take years of practice and experience. Instead of doing this yourself, one of the best methods for learning this skill is to seek coaching and tutelage from one whom has already mastered the art. For example, the founder of the Mala Beads website is a Certified Practitioner who has learned the art of Feng Shui, secret cures, mantras, and other meditation practices.


How to choose your own Mantra

Traditionally, a mantra is given to you by a spiritual teacher or guru, as it carries the lineage of the mantra and makes it more powerful. However, you can choose your own based on what resonates with you the most. Mantras, especially mantra for focus is used to describe any word or phrase that has vibrations and shifts energy within you, because in ancient days, it is said that mantras were gives to the sages by the universe itself, and that each mantra was made with its own unique powers and properties and passed down from generation to generation. mantras are passed down from the lineage of Tibetan Buddhism and assured to help bring you peace and mindfulness.

Start with your intention

Before you choose your mantra, figure out your intention. What is your desire? Do you want love, compassion, strength, peace, money? You have to clearly identify what you want to manifest for your life. 

Go with your intuition

When choosing a mantra, look at each one and feel if it resonates with you on a deep level. If you don’t like how it sounds, is hard to pronounce, then pick a different one. Which mantra you use is a very personal choice, and you have to pick it based on what feels right to you. 

Test it

Mala meditation beads are easily available nowadays. Once you have chosen a personal mantra list, use it during your meditation. Be consistent with it for days and weeks. See how it really makes you feel, and if you are compatible with it. Say it out loud, then softly, then fast, then slow and then try saying it in your mind.

If you still love it, then stick with it. Or go back and pick a different one.

Mantras that will transform your life

Whether you are looking for powerful mantra for miracles, mantra for focus, mantra for success or any other intention, here are a few to use with your mala meditation beads. These are our go to recommended mantras.

  • Om Namah Shivaya: Mantra for spiritual experiences
  • Om Mani Padme Hum: Mantra for purification
  • Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha: Mantra for enlightenment and abundance
  • Sat Chit Ananda: Mantra for truth and bliss
  • Gate gate paragate para sam gate bodhi svaha: Mantra for the heart

Here are some empowering simple but powerful Mantras in English that removes negativity and inspires change in your life. The first three are originals by Malabeads - Courtney

  • When you search for happiness, always follow your deepest desire and the universe will follow.  
  • What if I told you that you can meet Yourself? You can truly know Yourself. The Journey is within you. Begin Now                                                    
  • Be Mindful that: I am Beautiful. I am healthy. I am kind. And most importantly, I am enough.

  • Today, you are perfect

  • Forward progress, Just keep moving

  • You are the sky, Everything else is just the weather
  • I am strong. I am beautiful. I am enough.
  • I am fulfilled. I am fearless.
  • Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.

Remember that mantra is a tool that can connect us with the hidden power and wisdom ingrained within the layers of the universe. It is a portal to an awareness that is present behind the comprehension of science and technology. Some mantra sounds are said to wake the highest potential of the mind and shift the energy flow through our nervous system.

Mantra attunes your body and mind to the frequency of the Divine presence that is part of our deepest Self. It provides our mind with focus, strength, adaptability, stability, and clarity that improves our body and soul. Most importantly it inspires harmony in our mind by giving it stillness.

Whichever mantra you pick from the list above, make sure that you try to chant (say) it at a suitable time every day. But even throughout the day if you feel overwhelmed, you can quickly recite your personal mantra and it will calm you down in just a few minutes. We can reset our day anytime as needed.

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