How To Use Crystals


Throughout history, mankind has used crystals and gemstones for healing purposes. Worldwide ancient cultures made use of healing crystals to transform, clear and align their energy, as well as their physical and spiritual health. Healing crystals’ metaphysical powers weren’t a mystery to ancient cultures. People like the Sumerians, Mayans, and Egyptians regularly adorned their buildings, bodies, mala beads, and jewelry with these precious sacred stones.

Although many ancient cultures understood and appreciated the curative effects of gemstones and crystals, modern society seems to have forgotten all about their incredible healing techniques. However, besides pharmaceutical firms, people are slowly accepting precious healing stones into their lives. They know that they have the ability to change their overall lifestyle for the better. Celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Katy Perry have not shied away from publicly associating themselves with these feel-good stones.

To start with, pharmaceuticals have been infusing their products with crystals. Technology is also making use of crystals like quartz to create smartphones and electronic components which we use every day. Yoga experts actually recommend them for meditation. Their school of thought is that these precious stones help us through our spiritual journey. This is probably the reason why they are referred to as ‘wisdom keepers’ or ‘stone people,’ because within them, they hold millions of years of earth’s history.

This article seeks to reveal ways in which ancient healing crystals and mala beads work to heal your mind, body, and soul. It explains how these precious stones will help you kiss a miserable and hectic life goodbye. If you embrace this information, you will soon realize that your life is changing for the better. It will be full of peace, relaxation, and positive energy.

These precious gems will literally rock your world (pun intended!). Buckle up and get ready for an exciting ride as you cross over to the glamorous crystal side!

How Crystal Healing Works

Mala beads, gemstones, and crystal users all attest that these precious items help them cultivate and amplify positive vibes. How exactly do they work? Well, since we live in a mystic world of vibrations, these precious stones help us connect to earth. All that matters is our intentions.

Well thought out intentions are crucial starting points for healing crystals. Specific intentions instill our daily thought patterns which determine our energy. You may not realize it, but our body cells have the same energy as healing crystals.

Healing crystals work in the same way as magnets do. They use energy to repel or attract. Placing certain crystals over specific body parts vibrates, pulses, moves, and transfers the healing crystal’s energetic power into us.

The Type of Healing to Expect From Crystals

Everyone reaches a point in life where he or she feels like living is experiencing death by a million cuts. Using healing crystals helps get rid of the physical and emotional pain. Precious healing crystals are used to heal everything from anxiety to migraines. They also accelerate your daily meditation practices and align your chakras. Under the right conditions, these exquisite gemstones will induce an unforgettable state of trance. The level or types of healing that come with the right healing crystals have no limit when applied correctly.

Healing crystals work by resolving you imbalance and transforming your energy through three different ways: Energizing, balancing, and clearing.

  • Energizing- Gemstones and healing crystals push a gush of energy into our spirit, mind or body by inducing resonant frequencies. It’s pretty much the same way an electric current transmits energy through an object. Healing crystals transform energy from quantum fields and sends them to our own energy field.
  • Clearing- Crystals can absorb and remove some types of energy from our bodies. The same way a magnet picks up metal pieces, healing crystals absorb negative energy forces out from our bodies.
  • Balancing- Our symmetrical world aligns stuff in a mirrored pattern. At times, our energy might be out of balance and misaligned, but when we are mindful enough to sermon the full power of our will and determination, healing crystals balance out the energetic disharmony in our lives.

Picking the Perfect Crystal

Before delving into the details of how to use a healing crystal, picking your perfect gemstone is crucial. Knowing the right crystal jewelry or healing crystal for you is like collecting enough grains to push you through winter. Doing so might not be easy, but the benefits are immense. You might have to kiss many frogs before finding the perfect prince.

When you seem to be spoilt for choice in figuring out the best healing crystal with the perfect vibration blueprint, trust your gut or consult a reliable healing crystal guide. Your subconscious mind will guide you to the right path and help you make the right choice. Focus on the crystal’s size, color or shape instead of just its healing properties. For instance, a green emerald has balancing properties, a yellow amber has awesome reorganizing energy patterns while a blue sapphire may help you find your truth. These precious stones are drawn to possess the exact energy they need. Take your time and hold one in your hands for a while to truly feel its energetic effect.

How to Use Our Healing Crystals

Like most earthly things, mala beads and our healing crystals can be used differently. We offer a variety of gems and crystals at the best price. You can wear them, place them on a specific body part, meditate with them, sleep beside them, move them around your body or place them next to your car or home.

Agates are known gems connected to earth, related to matters of our minds and brown chakra, they have the ability to give as a burst of energy that will soothe us through depression and other mental health issues. They also help us in overcoming feelings of sadness, loneliness and in the discovery of truth. If you are feeling blue and you decide to carry an agate piece or place it under your pillow, you will wake up with more energy. Sleeping with healing crystals eliminates the hurdles that your mind might present you with.

Using mala beads during a devotion or meditation session will help you recite your mantras with zeal. They also have a transformative and calming effect. They encourage well-being, enhance focus on attention and self-awareness, and help slow our respiration during prayer or meditation sessions.

Associated with the sun’s energy and fire, moving amber around your body parts will work magic to your sense of confidence and clarity. Often used in throat chakra, wearing an amber material around your neck can protect you from negative energy and boost your strength and communication, a trait that will help you go a long way in achieving your career goals.

Another precious stone, amethyst is associated with the crown chakra and water. Meditating with this healing amethyst will help you relieve stress, treat anxiety, mood disorders, and depression. Greeks carried it with them to avoid overindulging in drunkenness. Carrying a piece of amethyst with you the next time you go on a drinking spree might be a good idea.

Often associated with fire and the sun, placing a blood-stone next to you is believed to help you financially and physically. It is also associated with general healing, abundance, and fertility. Body wise, this precious gemstone is associated with the blood’s health. It is particularly helpful with the circulation system and during menstrual cycles. It is believed that tucking it under your bed or keeping it in your wallet draws abundance your way, especially if you are trying to conceive.

Related to elements of earth, carnelian gems are used in grounding rituals. It is commonly believed that they shield you from negative influences and psychic attacks. People also believe that it stops or reduces excessive bleeding. It also treats infertility and impotence.

Placing hematite stones around your windows and doors not only shields you from outside negative influences, but it also helps you have a strong sense of willpower, instills problem-solving skills, boosts your confidence and increases your psychic awareness. It is used for protection against magic in our homes and properties.

Whether you are looking to enhance your meditation time or are wanting to reduce stress and anxiety, our selection of healing crystals and mala beads can help meet your needs. We also have the best prices around!

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